Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences


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MICHAEL JACKSON: THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES I – A Theology of Michael Jackson’s Life and Lyrics (AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES) – The Afterlife Experiences of Michael Jackson in the months following his death follow an unexpected and exciting path. Michael Jackson’s Afterlife Journey becomes surprisingly relevant to all of us in our own individual understanding of our own human lives and the spiritual journey underlying our every breath. Michael Jackson shares a modern day rendering of an ancient tradition of the spiritual path in its triumph, torture and its tumultuous end. And his journey mirrors ancient mystical journeys into the world beyond, bringing to light a modern day rendering of the afterlife passage. But Michael Jackson’s Afterlife Experiences offer the TRUE Victory Tour – in the world beyond – the afterlife of Michael Jackson. “You are not real, Death, for I die every minute and am reborn in the next into life infinite.” The Book of Angelus Silesius [17th Century Zen Poet]

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