Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences Iii – The Confessions Of Michael Jackson


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MICHAEL JACKSON: THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES III – The Confessions of Michael Jackson (AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES): Returning to give a confession regarding those things in his life which have remained a mystery, the afterlife experiences of Michael Jackson continue as Michael engages in an open self-examination. Sometimes surprising, sometimes touching. Michael Jackson opens up about the personal issues (and the things the world perceived as issues which perhaps were not so much) in a very forthcoming manner. This journey is fun at times, uncomfortable at others. But it is a journey which Michael insisted on sharing. Reach into the personal thoughts Michael Jackson has had since the time of his death regarding the controversial and uncontroversial matters of his life. This is a new Michael who is no longer afraid of such self-examination nor of sharing it publicly because he knows that this personal sharing has redemptive value for the world. (For more info – http://outofbodytravel.org)

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