Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences II


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MICHAEL JACKSON’S AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES II – Michael Jackson’s American Dream to Heal the World (AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES): The Afterlife Experiences of Michael Jackson re-emerge five months after his death into an even more unexpected and profoundly exciting path. Get to know a different Michael Jackson, the part of Michael Jackson that wanted to ‘Heal the World’ and founded ‘Heal the Kids.’ Get to know the Michael Jackson who has emerged from the afterlife again after spending several months under the tutelage of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not what you’re expecting, but rather, the afterlife Michael Jackson ramped up by several thousand amps. Starring in his first supporting role – Michael Jackson willingly steps aside in the afterlife to make way for the message of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to step forward and restate the Gospel in a modern and ‘in your face’ way. This book is not for those who are afraid of self-confrontation.

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