Michael Jackson: A Story from Life and Career Through Death


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Michael Jackson, also known as the King of Pop has led an unusual but meaningful life. Through his entire lifetime, he sold millions of copies of albums and his songs can be heard almost everywhere. Moreover, almost everyone knows at least one of his songs. Although there is no doubt that he is indeed extremely successful, he did not achieve it instantly. In fact, he also experienced struggles and obstacles along the way. Fortunately, he was able to overcome all of it and his determination to be an outstanding artist never faded. Just like any other person, he is such a unique person with unique experiences in life and that is what made him Michael Jackson. All of the things that happened to him had truly shaped his life and so, in order to understand Michael Jackson more, there is a need to know those things in detail. This book was created to highlight and share the unusual life as well as the tragic death of the King of Pop. In here, you may discover things that you never know before, things that had made a great impact in Michael’s life. It would surely help you get to know this amazing man more on a personal level. This includes knowing him as a person and not just an artist or a singer. To cut the story short, this book aims to provide you the life of Michael Jackson from his early years until his death.

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